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ZERO Out Of Pocket

The buzz of “ZERO DOWN” is true. You can have a state of the art solar system on your home for NO money out of pocket.   This can be done in a couple of ways. The easiest and quickest way is with a solar lease. Plan It Solar works with Sunnova Corporation to provide NO DOWN free installation. Your Plan It Solar designer can show you all the benefits of a solar lease or PPA.  Find out about all available financing options at

We offer both Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) and Leases as well as a straight purchase.  All are 25 years with fixed costs per month.  So  while your electric bill is guaranteed to go up in years to come, your solar payment stays the same making  your household budget that much easier to manage.  One of the great values of  solar is that your family budget actually goes down.  And the savings over 25 years can be tens of thousands of dollars.