California's Leading Solar Power Company


5  Year Winners of the “Best of Nevada County” Award


Reed Hamilton – Grass Valley, CA

“Plan It Solar was prompt with the install and delivery of my solar equipment and everything was expertly done.”  Reed Hamilton – Grass Valley, CA

Jorgen Sjoberg – Grass Valley, CA

“We love everything about working with Plan It Solar. The solar energy saves us even more money than we originally thought it would, because we intentionally use electricity in lieu of propane now.  So we have to buy less propane!  The payback is faster then we anticipated, and right now PG&E actually owes me $50! That part is kind of nice, too.”  Jorgen Sjoberg – Grass Valley, CA

Angelo and Joan Torrise – Grass Valley, CA

“We used to pay $400/mo when our Grandkids would visit. Now we pay $73 for the whole year!”  Angelo and Joan Torrise – Grass Valley, CA

Jim Lee and Deborah Miller – Colfax, CA

“We are really happy with Plan It Solar and their service.  They did a good job and had a fair price.  We appreciated how they helped us with and provided the tax forms and their friendliness and quality of service. No one else comes close or compares to Plan It Solar’s ‘can do’ attitude! Plan It Solar was there for us from planning to installation to PG&E interconnect paperwork and beyond, to help us save $.  Now we pay virtually no electric bill!”  Jim Lee and Deborah Miller – Colfax, CA

Katy and Andrew Kneier – Grass Valley, CA

“Our experience with Plan It Solar was exemplary. April explained everything and how it all worked, including the rebates and paperwork, which was great because it was all Greek to us.  She explained everything very well, and the price was exceptional.”  Katy and Andrew Kneier – Grass Valley

Andy Bivens – Grass Valley, CA

“You did very good work.  The system cut down my energy bill way more than half, now I pay only $900/yr and before, my bill was $450/mo. I love my sales person Aron.  He explained things very well and is a good man, period.”  Andy Bivens – Grass Valley, CA

Scott D. Smith – Meadow Vista, CA

“Very professional; a pleasure to work with; and quality of workmanship was A+ !!  The county inspector just left .. and signed off.  So, thanks!!”  Scott D. Smith – Meadow Vista, CA

Tara & BD – Nevada City, CA

“We so appreciate your very detailed efforts towards our ‘photovoltaic dream’ which is now so much closer to reality!”  Tara & BD – Nevada City, CA

Roger Hicks, M.D. – Nevada City, CA

“Thanks also for everything you do for the community and the planet- including sponsoring the film festival. I hope you enjoyed it – many people left inspired.”  Roger Hicks, M.D. – Nevada City, CA

Jeff & Susan George – Penn Valley, CA

“It has been very uplifting to get to know all of you and your dedication to an ‘earth friendly’ way of life.  We wish you continued sucess!” – Jeff & Susan George – Penn Valley, CA

Mark & Julie James – Rough & Ready, CA

“We LOVE OUR SYSTEM!  It does our hearts good knowing we have contributed to the wellness of our environment, and to the ‘health’ of our wallet as well, with solar powered savings!”   Mark & Julie James – Rough & Ready, CA

Kathleen McIntire – Nevada City, CA

“First of all I would like to thank you for the incredible job your company did getting me set up to go solar!  From the first phone call to the last visit you have been right on top of it to take care of everything immediately and with the highest quality!”  Kathleen McIntire – Nevada City, CA

Lew Sitzer – Nevada City, CA

“The new system is working great!  Thanks for all the great support, and also the support of NCTV.  My mission for the future is to educate the public about Global Warming, so let’s keep in touch!”  Lew Sitzer – Nevada City, CA