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Currently PG&E offers a cash rebate on new solar electric systems, covering 5% to 35% of the total costs.  Rebate levels vary by install type:  residential retrofits  get $0.35/W and residential new construction qualifies for $2.50/W.  The non-residential rebate program has halted as of 12/23/10.  Note:  The rebate program is structured so that rebates decline in value over time.  At least once per year the rebates drop down to a new lower dollar-per-watt level, and often times they drop the levels twice per year.

Because the rebate program is a two-part process, systems do not have to be installed, or fully paid for, in order to have a rebate “reserved” in your name at today’s $/W rebate level. Once the rebate is reserved the installation must be completed within 12 months, and even if the rebate levels drop over that year, you will still claim the higher rebate.  The only commitment to reserve a rebate is a 10% deposit.




The $0.35/W rebate level for residential retrofit installs is projected to drop down sometime in Summer 2011. Submitting a complete rebate reservation application months or weeks before a drop-down deadline is the best way to have your solar rebate reserved at the highest possible level. Please call us for details on how to beat the next rebate drop.

About TOU - Time of Use Electricity Meters

PG&E offers a Time of Use schedule that may be beneficial if you can reduce your electricity use between 1 p.m. and 7 p.m. on summer weekdays. Their Seasonal schedule provides lower rates in the winter and higher rates during summer months. They also have rate schedules for customers who fuel low-emission vehicles at home, and for customers who own and operate solar or wind facilities.

An E-6 Time-of-Use (T.O.U.) meter allows you to sell your excess weekday solar power back to PG&E for as much as 60 cents per kWh. At the same time, a TOU meter allows you to buy power on nights and weekends for less than 10 cents/kWh. In other words, it's buying low and selling high. This meter can reduce the size of the solar system needed by 15-20%.

In Northern California, call PG&E for more information at: 1-800-743-5000


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